Therapy & Coaching For Smart People

Stephanie Adams, MA LPC

You're not stupid. 


You know something's not working right in your life. Perhaps your anxiety's out of control. Maybe you're worried about your teenager. 


But you're not stupid.


A lot of people hesitate to get the help they need because they're afraid that that makes them a failure, a victim, or just plain too dumb to help themselves.


That's just not true. If you've come here today, you're probably a pretty normal person, who has a pretty normal life, but who has run into a roadblock in their life. That doesn't make you dumb, that makes you HUMAN!


And it doesn't invalidate all the other things you have going in your life (or how great your teenager is!) After all, when your car needs to go to the mechanic, does that make you a a BAD DRIVER?


Of course not! But that's the same kind of faulty logic that keeps many people from therapy and coaching. Thankfully, you're not one of them. You're one of the smart people who realize that therapy and coaching can enhance your life in a number of incredible ways, and you want to take advantage of it.


Now that's smart.



At Beginnings Counseling & Consulting

Do you ever get tired of people talking down to you about your problems? Or telling you what you already know? I do too. So that's not what you're going to find here.


You're also not going to find jargon or conceptual language that doesn't help you in your everyday life.



Here's what you WILL find. 


  • Real help. Check out my free resources for parents of teens and anxiety sufferers.
  • Creative solutions. My philosophy is that there's always an answer to the problem you have. You just haven't found it yet.
  • Collaboration. You're the expert in your own life. I'm here to help you discover your resources, but ultimately, I believe you carry the answers to help yourself.
  • Host of options. With in-person and virtual appointments available along with email therapy, there is a way of connecting that meets the needs of your busy schedule. 


Here's how to get started.

Your first step is to REGISTER in the secure client area.



(It's the encrypted portal for communicating with me securely. Very Bond-esque.)


 Don't worry - I will never sell or share your information without your permission.

I think that's really uncool and plus, it's illegal.



After you sign up, send me a SECURE message or give me a call at 979-217-1352 and tell me what you and your teen are going through. I offer in-person appointments in the Dallas area and virtual appointments all over the state of Texas. 


Only smart people need apply. 



Secure Client Area

About Stephanie Adams, MA LPC


  • "Stephanie has provided care to a number of clients at the counseling center where I work, being under my direct supervision. She's seen clients in a variety of different situati..."
    Dr. Carol Doss
    Clinical Director, Family Counseling Center Association, Author
  • "Stephanie is an excellent asset to the professional organization, American Counseling Association (ACA). As a blogger for ACA, Stephanie is a great thought leader. As a beginnin..."
    Barbara Jordan
    Owner, Professional Success Coach, & Trainer, AdvantEdge Success

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